With Hybrid Mail you could save 50% of the cost of handling mailings in-house

How can using Hybrid Mail save my organisation money?

If you decide to produce and send mailings using internal staff, a typical cost per mailed item is £1.50. Hybrid mail costs from 0.48p an item – an all-inclusive cost for printing and sending. So, for a mailing of 10,000 that’s more than a £10,000 saving. 

Internal costs are made up of multiple elements, but you’ll find using Latcham Hybrid Mail will enable you to make big savings in the following areas: 

Staff Time

Staff Time

Are your staff are spending time printing, filling envelopes and franking? With Latcham Hybrid Mail the document is created and sent in a few clicks, leaving staff free to work on other tasks while the document is printed, fulfilled and mailed from our print facility.

Printer & Ink Cost

Sending documents to our high quality, optimised production environment allows you to spend less on this type of office equipment.

IT Support

IT Support

A quarter of all IT support calls are printer related. Reduce the workload pressure on your IT department by outsourcing desktop letter production.

Stationary Costs

Stationery Costs

You’ll benefit from the buying power of our high production facility. Stationery such as letterheaded paper and envelopes are often purchased and managed departmentally meaning you can’t take full advantage of bulk order discounts. We can offer you lower level costs which can be obtained using the buying power of our high-volume production facility. Even if you purchase your stationery at the organisation level, this is often still more expensive than the costs which can be obtained using the buying power of our high-volume production facility.

Postage Costs

It is unlikely that you are taking advantage of the best postal rates if you are sending letters with a stamp or through a franking machine. We can obtain significantly higher postal discounts due to higher overall document volumes and we pass these cost savings to you in our all-inclusive rate per item.

Post Room

Running and staffing a post room is an expensive activity, Latcham Hybrid Mail service will eradicate or reduce your requirement for this department.

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