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Easy, affordable Hybrid Mail service

Print and send your mailings from your PC in just a few clicks, saving your organisation significant time and money


What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail enables you to send out mail in the post without even leaving your desk. You simply create the document that you wish to send out, when you select print on your PC a new printer option becomes available called ‘Latcham Mail Printer’. Once you submit the print job, we will print it, insert it into an envelope and post it all by the following working day.  

It means your staff are now free to focus on other important tasks that will increase your organisation’s productivity.  

You can also centrally control your organisation’s mailing spend in real-time, as well as the quality and accuracy of letters being sent out. 

It’s free to create a Latcham Hybrid Mail account, and you only pay for what you use. The price is per mailing item and is an all-inclusive cost that includes the paper, envelope, print, labour and postage. 

No mailing is too big or too small. We can send one letter or thousands. 

What are the benefits of Hybrid Mail?

Save at least 50% of your mailing costs

A typical inhouse mailing costs approximately £1.50 per item. Using our Hybrid Mail service can help save on costs and resources.

High quality mailings

You can control and improve the quality and accuracy of your mailings. Monitoring your mailings centrally, from the creation to the delivery, will help to ensure letters are typo-free and on-brand.

Easily manage mailing costs

It’s easier to manage your mailing spend across your organisation as costs are accessible in real-time, in one place. This will make your finance manager very happy.

Increased productivity

Staff can focus on other core tasks to increase company productivity, instead of mailing out letters. 

It’s very secure

We encrypt every document submitted, transferring them across a secure data connection, to our highly secure ISO27001 certified data centre.

Fast & accurate delivery

We confirm mail is delivered to the correct address on time by validating addresses against the Royal Mail database. And ensure delivery as quickly as possible.

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